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  • 1 - 10 Employees
  • 1 location

Small Business
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Small businesses don't need any prior experience with CRM. CRM & Beyond has an easy-to-use interface and will help you be more organized. Having all your contacts in one location saves you money and time. Increase your sales with the help of our SMS and email marketing, use our landing pages and customer catcher to generate more leads, and retain your loyal customer with Rewards Loyalty Program

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  • 5 - 25 Employees
  • 3 - 8 location

Mid-Size Business
Wanting to Grow !!

CRM & Beyond helps Mid-size businesses to establish and maintain positive connections to their customers through our tailored marketing. Easily access your customer's information and previous interactions to offer what’s best for them. Organize your team by assigning a task to each one of them to ensure all your customer is taken care of. Additionally, allows you to effortlessly schedule appointments with your clients in a few clicks and reduce no show with automatic reminder

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  • 50+ Employees
  • 1 location

Enterprise !!

CRM & Beyond enables you to handle challenges like managing thousands of leads, use customer grouping tools and send marketing based on their preferences. Advertise your products or services easily with our landing pages and fast shop to increase sales. Manage your inventory and make sure you never run out of stock with our low inventory alert. All of your employees' schedules, tasks, and performance can be managed in one place

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Companies we work with

Check out how we reduce the workload of the businesses we deal with

Marketing Agencies

It is important to know the state of campaigns for every Marketing Agencies. CRM Beyond allows you to capture and save lead information, segment them, and send campaigns by group depending on their needs and preferences. Stores all customer interactions so that everyone on your team is up to date and can close more sales. Offers a real-time dashboard for tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns, as well as pre-built landing pages to help you attract more leads. We also have a payment integration that allows you to accept both traditional and cryptocurrency payments. We eliminate the need for multiple logins everything you need is in one place

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Web design firms

You don't have to access multiple platforms. CRM Beyond allows you to help establish a good relationship with your customers in one place. Store and manage customers' data, send personalized messages like promotions, and events and keep track of how your campaigns are performing. Offer landing pages, a one-page info site, and a fast shop for your clients. And retain them by offering Rewards and Loyalty Program

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ISO'S & Agents

Manage all of your merchant's information on a single page and build strong relationships by delivering personalized SMS and Email Marketing. Provide POS terminal integration and a fast shop to your clients that helps them sell online. Offer a rewards and Loyalty Program to reduce merchant attrition. Schedule your appointments in a few clicks and reduce no-shows with automatic reminders. Sync your Outlook and Gmail calendar with our CRM to avoid multiple bookings. With our virtual terminal, you can easily submit e-signature and invoices via email, as well as accept secure payments

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All-in-one CRM at an affordable price that will save you thousands of dollars



1 user included

Free 7-days trial
  • Active Contacts 500 (Unlimited inactive)
  • Lead Management
  • Sync Google and Outlook Calendar
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Built-in Text, Email, and Phone
  • Customer Grouping
  • Customer Catcher (any website, social media & landing pages)
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Customizable E-invoices
  • E-sign Agreements
  • Payment Integrations
  • Email Marketing 
  • SMS Marketing 
  • 50 Gorgeous Customizable Email Templates
  • Clock in/Clock out
  • Team Messenger



2 users included

Everything included in the Basic
  • Active Contacts 12000 (Unlimited inactive)
  • Schedule Me Button (any websites, social media & landing pages)
  • Pay Now Button (any website, social media & landing pages)
  • Payment link
  • SMS & Email Triggers Automation
  • Email Scheduling
  • Coupon & Discount Campaigns
  • E-gift Card Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • One-page info website templates
  • 100 Gorgeous Customizable Email Templates
  • Employee Management
  • Import & Export
  • Task & Ticketing System
  • Calendar Monitoring
  • File Cabinet
  • Inventory Management
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5 users included

Everything included in the Advanced
  • Active Contacts 25000 (Unlimited inactive)
  • 400 Gorgeous Customizable Email Templates
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
  • Unsubscribed List
  • Stats Dashboard
  • Donation Kiosks
  • Custom Design Assistance
  • Sell on Google 
  • Recurring Sales
  • Clover & Pax Integrations
  • Commission Incentives
  • User Roles
  • Payroll Ready Reports
  • Custom Branding
  • API Access & App Development
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Check how CRM & Beyond help different industries in providing exceptional service to their customers

Fast food

CRM & Beyond saves employees time from manual inventory checks, ... ... ... ... ... allowing them to focus on their ... ... customers. Get a free clover terminal so you can easily accept payments from your customersRead more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +


Give your customer a great experience by quickly processing credit, ... ... ... ... ... debit, and pin debit card paymen... ... ts using the clover terminal
Increase sales by attracting customers online with our fast shop, landing pages. Keep them updated with email and SMS marketing
Read more +
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Helps you store all your leads in one place, enhance sales with ... ... ... ... ... customized marketing and promotions.... ... Use landing pages and or fast shop to attract buyers online. Get a free clover terminal that easily accepts different types of credit cards paymentsRead more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +


Quickly process payments with free Clover POS. Ensure that ... ... ... ... ... your employees save time in man... ... aging inventories, and never run out of stocks again with our low stock alerts. Retain and make customers from coming back with our Rewards & Loyalty ProgramRead more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +

Hardware store

Saves your customer time in waiting for a long queue, processes ... ... ... ... ... payment in a few minutes with free C... ... lover POS. Generate a report of the top-selling products, so you'll know which one to buy more. And monitor your employee’s task and schedule, all in one placeRead more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +

Toy store

Run your business with ease process payment using Clover POS... ... ... ... ... . Manage your leads and assign task... ... s to your employees. Keep in touch with your customers by sending SMS and email marketing, let them know about your ongoing promotions or special eventsRead more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +Read more +


Add or import your inventory and start selling online in just a few clicks. Process orders, send customized invoices and accept secure payments from a variety of credit cards and cryptocurrencies with the virtual terminal. Send personalized SMS and email marketing to your customers

Jewelry Shop

Use the fast shop to sell your jewelry without having a physical store. Create landing pages and add web forms to generate leads. With the information gathered, segment your leads, nurture leads by sending personalized email and SMS marketing

Foods & Grocery

CRM & Beyond collects and stores customers’ data and purchases history. Data gathered can be used to segment customers and send content based on their buying preferences. Accept and process orders over the phone or via the fast shop, create and send invoices, accept different types of payments


Important information concerning your patient's health should never be missed. CRM & Beyond is a secure platform that allows you to manage and save all of your patients' data and medical records. Patients can easily schedule appointments with you and receive reminders to ensure that they do not miss them. Create attractive landing pages and use email templates to promote your business online

Fitness Trainers

CRM & Beyond makes it easy for you to process payments using Clover POS and virtual terminal. Manage and collaborate with your team, assign them tasks and check their progress anytime. Allow your customers to book fitness classes with you in only a few clicks and receive automatic reminders so they don't forget

Law Firms

CRM & Beyond enables you to deliver better service by storing their information and allowing you to make notes about important details from your interactions with customers. Follow up with ease via email, SMS, or phone right from the platform. Assign tasks to your team members to ensure that each client's concern is addressed

Beauty Products

Get access to your customer’s information, purchases history, interactions, rewards points, and reports of top-selling beauty products so you know what to buy more. Manage orders, shipping, sales, and inventory - all in one place. Give your customers rewards and points for every purchase they make to keep them from coming back


Store and view all communications and interactions with your customers to give an excellent customer service experience. Manage inventory with ease, receive alerts when inventory levels drop below a certain threshold, and generate sales reports. Give your customers rewards & points to keep them from coming back


Send your customers a quote, single or recurring invoices, and get paid right away. Easily resend invoices for unpaid bills. Manage your leads, payments. shipping, inventory, and sales in one place. Get a real-time report about the performance of your campaigns

In-house Fitness

Send invoices to customers and collect membership fees right away using our virtual terminal. Accepts payments processed through multiple gateways. Boost customer engagement by sending custom messages to the subscribers, send campaigns, ongoing promotions, and giving rewards points that they can redeem


Take your business online using our fast shop, use prebuilt templates for campaigns, one-page info site, and landing pages. Easily Capture leads by adding a customer catchers tool into your websites, social media and data will be saved automatically into the CRM. Send contracts and invoices to your customers and get paid right away using different cards and cryptocurrencies

Home Maintenance

Keep records of contact information, services, and maintenance work done on your home in one database. Convert your device into a payment terminal and process secured payments anywhere, send professionally designed invoices. E-sign agreements and campaigns